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Our Motion Application Programe or "MAP" software is an effective solution for the control of most processes or machines. The software runs on any of TRM's control systems and is capable of running any task from a simple conveyor control to a furnace or to a multiaxis machine.

MAP has a library of many commands that can be selected from a menu list; these include reading Inputs, setting Outputs, mathematical calculations, motion commands, calling subroutines and external files, working with user defined or command defined values stored in upto 256 registers and reading/sending serial data to name a few operations.

G-Code functionality is included as standard now in the CNC version. We have allowed the user the ability to combine MAP commands with G-code which increases the flexibilty of the control system. Pre-setting, initialisation and tool changing can all be setup using MAP commands and the profile completed by downloading the G-code.

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